Liquid Mixture

Hydrocarbon Gas Mixture

Liquid Mixture

In many process liquid hydrocarbon particularly low vapor pressures are required. Mixtures can be made in liquid form gravimetrically and pressurized with an inert gas usually Helium or nitrogen to decant the mixture in liquid form.

Few examples are given below

Benzene 55% +1-butene 23% + 1, 3 Butadiene 22%


1, 3-Butadiene 0.8% + cis-2-Bane 10% + trans-2-butane 10% + trans-1-butane 30% + iso-butylene Balance


Benzene 54.5% + 1-Butene 15% + cis-2-butene 7% + T-2-Butene 0.5 + 1,3 Butadiene 23%


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