Natural Gas Standard

Hydrocarbon Gas Mixture

Natural Gas Standard

The natural gas standards are intended to serve as the primary carbon and hydrogen stable isotope reference materials for methane, ethane, and propane, and will be used in research and technology development by industry, academia, and governmental agencies.

Few examples are given below

Ethane 8.4-8.96% + C3H8 5-6% + iso-Butane 0.9-1.3% + N-Butane 1-1.6% + N-Pentane 0.2-0.4% + N-Hexane 0.15-0.4% + CO2 1-2.3% + N2 0.2-0.5% + CH4 Balance


CO2 1% + O2 0.25% + N2 1.25% CH4 85% + C2H6 5.50% + C3 3% + iC4 1% + nC4 1% + iC5 0.50% + nC5 0.50% + C6 1%


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