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Our range of special application gases used widely for analysis, process control etc. Provide consistent and dependable quality to empower customers to operate efficiently in a global economy. These gases are available in a wide selection of containers as well as different composition Few examples are given below.

Air Monitoring / Automotive / Stack Emission / Pollution Control
Carbon dioxide ppm/% in Air/ N2 CGMC114702000
Carbon Monoxide ppm/% in Air/ N2 CGMC124702000
Hydrogen Sulphide ppm/% in Air/ N2 CGMC304702000
Methane ppm/% in Air/ N2 CGMC364702000
Nitric Oxide ppm/% in Air/ N2 CGMC464702000
Oxygen ppm/% in N2 CGMC544702000
Propane ppm/% in Air CGMC594702000
Sulfur Dioxide ppm/% in N2 CGMC614702000
CO2-6-13% + CO-1-8% + Propane + 300 – 3000 ppm + N2 Balance CGMC594704000