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Pressure Regulator Valve

Pressure Regulator Valve

As a supplier of specialty gases and equipment, pressure regulator valve is Chemix’s major supplies. In a few years we have established a clear presence in the market. At Chemix we can offer almost any pressure regulator valve you may require.

Regulator valves are essential component of regulators, which are important for a number of functions. Consequently our customers also come from many industries. From chemical companies to medical care specialists, the pressure regulator valve is used wherever specialty gases are utilized.

The two essential parts of pressure regulator valves are their build and longevity. As the component that controls a regulator, the valve must also be effective in its design. Since the valve will eventually decide on the efficiency of your regulator, getting it right is essential.

To ensure we supply our customers only the best, we start with our own suppliers. Over the years we have forged a partnership with some of the best known valve makers in India. They have been chosen after a careful research of the best companies and the most essential features demanded in the industry.

We take special care to check that our supplies can meet the strictest industry standards. All the valves we supply are in compliance with government safety and security rules and regulations. Since, valves affect the working of a regulator, this attention to detail is essential and we are obsessed in maintaining our safety standards.

In other words, each pressure regulator valve we supply is:
  • Sturdy in make. They will last for a long time, while maintaining their full functionality.
  • Smooth to handle. No longer will you be saddled with regulators with valves that are either too tight or jerky when twisted.
  • Completely reliable. They are specially designed for a range of industries.
  • Corrosion and leak free.