Designed Air monitoring and sensor calibration setup.

Project Description :
Ambient air monitoring and sensor calibration setup for outdoor deployment by understanding client requirement.
The system is constructed of SS 316 Grade steel for superior corrosive resistance and non-reactivity to gases. The system is custom designed to be deployed to measure ambient air quality and to calibrate gas sensors using calibration gas mixtures housed rigidly within the cabinet. System is designed and constructed with high quality imported pumps, superior quality solenoid valves, gas flow meters and other accessories assembled for efficient performances.

LPG Gas Pipeline System design, Supply and Installation for Laboratory

Project Description :
Piping systems for Liquefied Petroleum gas with proper safety and standards.
Pipeline for gas distribution to various floors of any institution or organization has to be done with utmost care and safety features. Proper usage of safety accessories like flash back arrestors, Non Return Valves of suitable specifications to prevent any accidents are always ensured. Pipeline and fittings grade, dimensions and class has been calculated and selected carefully, considering the working pressure, operating temperature, rate of flow, service media and Factor of safety for each application.

Gas Cylinder Cabinet with suction

Project Description :
Gas Cylinder Cabinet with suction blower for efficient removal of any gas residues in operation.
Any gas cylinder cabinet is integral part of a safe laboratory to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel.Laboratory gas cylinder cabinet is designed to exhaust any gases in the working area to avoid any hazardous spill of gases. Each cabinet is designed and calculated for 350 HOOD AIR CHANGES PER HOUR to ensure safe working atmosphere. Cabinets are powder coated and all the fittings are chosen carefully for long life.

Hydrogen Dryer System

Project Description :
Hydrogen dryer system with online dew point transmitter.
Hydrogen Gas is generated by process of electrolysis of water, and hydrogen produced with this method has high content of moisture .For some applications this is not desired and hence the need for removal of moisture from gas. This is achieved by a pressure swing adsorption cycle run with the help of Programmed Logic controls (PLC) integrated with hardware like solenoid valves and pressure switches with sufficient safety interlock.

Modular Air distribution piping system

Project Description :
Modular air distribution system.
Air being an unavoidable media in many industries for multiple applications requires carefully designed systems to distribute airto various locations of a building without disturbing other systems .Modular piping systems are installed with proper safety reliefs, gauges, and shutoff valves.

Hot Oxidation Setup

Project Description :
Hot oxidation setup for research and development purpose.
Scientific research requires complex testing conditions and various equipment’s integrated with utmost precision and safety for conducting experiments. Equipment and accessories provided should be of high Quality, accuracy & precision.The laboratory facility was installed with High temperature furnace, steam generator, compressor with dryer & condenser .All the equipment’s installed with proper piping for gases as per the requirement.

Fixed Bed Adsorption Column

Project Description :
The Fixed Bed Adsorption Column is intricately engineered to deliver reliable adsorption performance in diverse industrial environments. Carefully designed from steel, renowned for its resistance to corrosion and chemical reactivity, the column ensures durability and reliability. Equipped with a precision pressure regulation, flow regulation, temperature controller, and high-performance ball valves, it offers precise control and operational efficiency. The column’s design factors in the application’s requirements, including gas purification, environmental monitoring, and industrial process control, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Its features make it suitable for demanding industrial settings, where efficiency and reliability are utmost importance.

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