Ultra High Pure Gases

Ultra High Purity Gases

CHEMIX handles specific range of Ultra High Pure Gases to match the need of the niche market of critical applications. CHEMIX High Pure Gases are guaranteed to be free of critical contaminants that can cause instrument interference and chromatographic column degradation. We achieve consistent high-purity through extensive cylinder preparation, marking dedicated cylinder for specific gas service, and statistical Quality Control. Use of CHEMIX pure gases optimize analytical results regardless of application and significantly extend instrument life

CHEMIX Pure Gases are specifically catered to the following needs :

CHEMIX Pure Gases listed below are available in various grades depending on specific impurity level and in different cylinder sizes. MSDS is furnished while supplying the product.

Air Zero, Synthetic, Synthetic HC free, Research Grade
Acetylene C2H2 3.0N(99.9%), AAS, Instrument
Ammonia NH3 2.5N(99.5%), 3.0N(99.9%), 5.0N(99.999%)
Argon Ar Zero,5.0N(99.999%), 5.5N(99.9995%), 5.8N(99.9995%), Research Grade.
Carbon Monoxide CO 2.5N(99.5%), 3.0N(99.9%), 3.7N(99.97%), 4.5N(99.995%).
Carbon Dioxide CO2 3.0N(99.9%), 4.0N(99.99%), 4.5N(99.995%), 5.0N(99.999%).
Ethane C2H6 2.0N(99%), 3.0N(99.9%).
Ethylene C2H4 2.5N(99.5%), 3.5N(99.95%)
Helium He 4.5N(99.995%), 4.7N(99.997%), 5.0N(99.999%), 5.5N(99.9995%), 6.0N(99.9999%), Research Grade.
Hydrogen H2 Zero, 4.0, 4.8, 5.0 ,5.5
Hydrogen Sulphide H2S 2.5N(99.5%).
1 Butene 1C4H8 2.5N(99.5%)
Iso Butane 1C4H10 2.5N(99.5%)
Iso Butylene 1C3H8 2.5N(99.5%)
Krypton Kr 5.0N(99.999%)
Methane CH4 2.5N(99.5%), 3.5N(99.95%), 4.5N(99.995%), 5.0N(99.999%).
N-Butane C4H10 2.5N(99.5%)
Nitric Oxide NO 2.5N(99.5%)
Nitrogen N2 Zero, 4.0N(99.99%), 5.0N(99.999%), 5.5(99.9995%), 6.0N(99.9999%), Research Grade.
Nitrous Oxide N2O 2.5N(99.5%)
Neon Ne 5.0N(99.999%)
Oxygen O2 2.5N(99.5%), 5.0N(99.999%), Research Grade.
Propane C3H8 2.5N(99.5%)
Propylene C3H6 2.5N(99.5%)
Sulphur Dioxide SO2 2.5N(99.5%), 3.0N(99.9%), 3.8N(99.98%)
SulphurHexa Flouride SF6 3.0N(99.9%), 3.8N(99.98%), 4.0N(99.99%)
Xenon Xe 5.0N(99.999%)

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